Best Paint Color suppliers in India

India is home to several top painting companies that provide a wide range of services, from residential and commercial painting to industrial coatings and specialized finishes. These companies are known for their expertise, quality workmanship, and commitment to delivering top-notch painting solutions. Here are some of the top painter companies in India:

  1. Asian Paints: Asian Paints is one of the largest and most well-known paint companies in India. It offers a wide range of decorative and industrial coatings and has a strong presence both nationally and internationally. Asian Paints is known for its innovative products, color consulting services, and a vast network of dealers and distributors.
  2. Berger Paints India Ltd: Berger Paints is another prominent player in the Indian paint industry. They provide a comprehensive range of paints and coatings, including interior and exterior paints, wood coatings, and industrial paints. Berger Paints is known for its commitment to quality and sustainability.
  3. Nerolac Paints: Kansai Nerolac Paints, commonly referred to as Nerolac, is a leading paint company in India. They offer a wide array of decorative and industrial coatings, including automotive and powder coatings. Nerolac is recognized for its durability and color options.
  4. Asian Paints Apex Ultima: A subsidiary of Asian Paints, Apex Ultima is a premium exterior paint brand that specializes in weather-resistant coatings. It is known for its long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions.
  5. Dulux Paints: Dulux, a brand owned by AkzoNobel, is known for its high-quality paints and coatings. They offer a range of decorative paints, wood coatings, and specialty finishes. Dulux is known for its color expertise and innovative paint solutions.
  6. Shalimar Paints: Shalimar Paints is one of the oldest paint companies in India, with a history dating back to 1902. They provide a wide range of decorative and industrial paints, and they are known for their heritage and commitment to quality.
  7. Jotun Paints: Jotun is a global paint and coatings company with a strong presence in India. They offer a variety of decorative and protective coatings, including marine and industrial coatings. Jotun is known for its high-performance and sustainable solutions.
  8. Snowcem Paints: Snowcem is known for its specialized cement-based paint products, which are highly durable and weather-resistant. They are widely used for exterior wall coatings.
  9. Indigo Paints: Indigo Paints is a relatively new but rapidly growing paint company in India. They offer a range of interior and exterior paints and are known for their vibrant color options.
  10. British Paints: British Paints, a brand by the Jenson & Nicholson Group, provides a wide range of paints and coatings, including decorative and industrial products. They are known for their durability and value-for-money offerings.

These top paint companies in India have established themselves through decades of providing quality products and services to customers across the country. Whether you are looking to paint your home, office, or industrial facility, these companies offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs and preferences.